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About our classes

From Los Angeles to London, Berneas Academy Educational Team has earned an international reputation for innovative training programs. Our authentically developed Schism Cutting System was created to take your skills to new and exciting levels!


This new approach to cutting helps to simplify the process from beginning to end. It also saves time and stimulates creativity.

In 40 years, the Berneas team developed a league of successful hair professionals that remain connected to the organization and contribute to their nationwide agenda.


From inception, our goals were to first: raise the consciousness of style professionals, and second: to provide the tools, resources, and education that support growth and sustainability.

Today, Berneas leads the industry in technical and professionals training for textured hair salons.


The Berneas brand is internationally recognized for having true passion for the science of multi-cultured hair. The training and improvement programs we introduce elevate textured hair stylists and the salons they operate in.

Schism I

Develop a firm foundation and the essential skills necessary for cutting shape, style and design by implementing our Schism Cutting System.

-   BIA's 9 - Point Cutting Theory & Schismatic Application

-   Efficient Shear Control

-   Discipline of Parting and Degrees

-   Stylist's Body - Control and Positioning


To request more information about our classes, please take the time to fill out the information below.

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